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Deep Story 3A

Screen Thought Journal
Published Dec 21 2023

Abstract: Deep Story 3a, a looped five-minute video made for social media, is narrated by an AI animated version of Sue Beyer employing a computer-generated voice. The video was made using Tokking Heads, an AI face animator app on iPhone, and Deep Story, an online AI script generator. Deep Story 3a is part of We Are Data, an ongoing project exploring what it means to be human through the lens of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. We Are Data uses physical, digital and virtual mediums that reference data gathered from AI and the internet on the topic of ‘Sue Beyer’. The gathered information, that may or may not be true, joins to create a biography on Beyer, written and told by big data and AI.

Read the essay here

DigiAna Collective, Queens

Season IV group show
Opening night Saturday Dec 2 6-8

DigiAna Studios
Queens, NY
Exhibition continues until Dec 22nd

Featuring work by: Roman Kalinovski, Seungjin Lee, Juan Álvarez, Momo, Visakh Menon, Tommy Mintz, Mark Romeo and Sue Beyer

Mirror, Portal - NARS Foundation, NYC

Season IV group show
Opening night Friday Nov 17th 6-8

NARS Foundation
201 46th Street,
4th Floor, Brooklyn
Exhibition continues until Dec 13th

Featuring works by wei, Ravi Avasti, Sue Beyer, Jake Couri, Pauline-Rose Dumas and Maxime Bagni, Juyon Lee, Lauren Pirie, Sophie Sabet, Tülay Schakir, Ye’ela Wilschanski, Zhuyan Ye, and Chi Zhang.

NARS Foundation is pleased to present Mirror, Portal, an exhibition featuring the Season IV International Residency Artists. Through multi-disciplinary practices spanning performance, sculpture, painting, and digital media, these works recontextualize viewpoints through reflections both real and imagined, transforming observations through the act of recording, documenting, and collecting. These works invite viewers to consider exploration and openness as a means of creating unexpected pathways for new perspectives.

Otras Formas, NYC

Nov - April 2023
Otras Formas
27 West 20th Street
Suite #201, New York
By appointment

A Metamodern Spell Casting
The Blockchain as a Conceptual Medium for Contemporary Visual Artists

M/C Journal
Published Oct 4th 2023

Abstract: Using a Metamodern framework this article considers the NFT as a Metamodern spell casting, a magical instruction that transforms an object/s or idea into something else. Written using “sourcery”, the NFT is undetectable until the effects are made evident. NFTs are stored on a blockchain which is comparable to a chapter in the Akashic records–esoteric knowledge that is readily available to Techno-priests or the people who know how and where to look.

Read the essay here

Open Studio Weekend

13-15 October 2023
NARS Foundation,
201 46th Street, 4th Floor Brooklyn, NY

Sunset Park Open Studio Website
NARS Foundation Website

Group Exhibition

6-11 September 2023
265 Madison Avenue, New York

SPRING/BREAK Art Show Website


September 2023
Daugavpils, Latvia

Rothko Center Website

I am so excited to be participating in the Mark Rothko International Painting Symposium in September this year. For more information you can visit the Rothko Center Website here.


Oct - Dec 2023
Brooklyn, NYC

NARS Website

I am looking forward to another visit to NYC in late 2023 to participate in the NARS Foundation studio residency for artists. For more information you can visit the NARS Website here.

How artists use 'the digital' to talk about being human

Curated by Sue Beyer
At Sandbox Studios
Factory 9/102 Henkel Street, Brunswick, Melbourne

Exhibition 4th - 14th December

DIGITAL is an exhibition of work by international contemporary artists who make art that appears to be influenced by or possess digital characteristics, and is employed to explore ideas on what it means to be human. These concepts, which at first seem to contradict each other, create new meaning through an oscillation or as van den Akker et al (2019) explains, ‘a movement between (opposite) poles: not a binary so much as a continuum that stretches from one to the other, not a balance but a pendulum swinging between various extremes’. The common association of detachment or, ‘dehumanizing tendencies of the computer’, (Taylor 2014) at first can seem cold and clinical, but in hindsight can reveal aspects of being human that may not have been obvious to us before, by showing them in a different light.

Artists in the exhibition:
Aaron Hoffman, Andy Thomas, Anne Wilson, Area 32 [Tammy Honey and Shaun Wilson], Brandon Gellis, Carter Hodgkin, Chalda Maloff, Corinna Berndt, Danny Jarratt, Evangeline Cachinero, Ingmar Apinis, Irene Barberis, John Aslanadis, John Cox, Linda Loh, Lucie Králíková, Madeleine Joy Dawes, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Michael Pierre Price, Michelle Brown, Michelle Hamer, Patrick Lichty, Paul Snell, Sam Leach, Steven Rendall, Tammy Honey, Tina Douglas, Tommy Mintz and Visakh Menon.

Digital Combines:
A Metamodern Oscillation of Oppositional Objects and Concepts in Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art Practice

Read here
The Official
International Journal of Contemporary Humanities

This article examines the proposed genre of Digital Combines, first coined by interdisciplinary artist and educator Claudia Hart in 2021, and how it aligns with ideas that can be found in the currently evolving term known as Metamodernism. While contemporary visual artists have long used unusual juxtapositions in their art making and presentation of work to tell a story or examine a concept Digital Combines take this further by situating the physical, digital and the virtual in space using a combination of traditional, new media and blockchain smart contracts. In the recent exhibition We Are Data held at Box Gallery in Melbourne during August 2022, an exploration of this new genre was investigated through the use of a combination of traditional and new media. The outcome was an installation using a metamodern framework that contributed to a greater understanding of the present moment in contemporary culture. 

We Are Data

Preview: Saturday 27th August 5-7pm
At Sandbox Studios
Factory 9/102 Henkel Street, Brunswick, Melbourne

Exhibition 19th - 27th August

We Are Data is an installation of my latest work, in an experimental form, that will evolve over the duration of the exhibition.

My work is process driven and falls under the umbrella of Metamodernist theory, which includes post digital and post internet concepts. In other words, my work is influenced and made using tools associated with the internet and digital processes but doesn’t necessarily talk about these things.

This exhibition uses a mix of electronic, painting and new media works, that reference data I gather from the internet and the physical world. Using various techniques the data is transformed and presented, to tell a story.

This combination of mediums will be presented as a digital combine, using different mediums layered on top of each other like a giant collage that can cover walls and floors. The installations are filled with information, and reference the overwhelming amount of data that can be accessed digitally and physically on any given topic on the internet or in real life.

Winona State University

Conference and Exhibition

Winona State University
Winona, Minnesota
June 24-26

This year’s iDMAa Conference, Exhibition, and Workshop will be focused on the theme “Weird Media” In keeping with iDMAa’s commitment to “militantly marginal” media practices, this year’s theme will focus on unconventional media studies—from the odd to the uncanny, from the suspiciously animated to the supernaturally ordained, from the familiar forms to far-out fabulations, from established to the emergent—we welcome fresh perspectives that offer insights into how strange mediation can be.

The Conference will feature a keynote address by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux, authors of Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames (U of MN Press, 2017). The event will also include talks by artists and scholars, including, Margaret Dolinsky, Jennifer Gradecki, Amay Kataria, Talan Memmott, Stephanie Tripp, Giovanna Sun, Merit Thursday, Paul Echeverria, Yamin Xu, Betsy Pike, Josie Cutara, Patrick Lichty, Kristen Lillvis, David Wright, Daniel Lichtman, Rob Wittig, and Chris Blair.

The Exhibition is curated by Patrick Lichty and juried by celebrated Iranian illustrator and artist Negin Ehtesabian, Wade Wallerstein (co-curator Transfer Gallery and Gray Area), digital pioneer Cynthia Beth Rubin, Roger Boulay (Gallery Director, WSU) and Brandon Gellis (Co-Director: Center for Design Thinking, University of Wyoming) and will feature experimental works by over 80 digital artists from around world, including A. P. Vague, Alan Sondheim, Alessandro Amaducci, Alex McKenzie and Dana Potter, Alien AI, Amay Kataria, Andre Perim, Andrey Rylov, Nastya Yatskhey, Alisa Ustinova, Asra Qarakhani, Aya Shabbar, Brian Skalak, Caitlin Fisher, Carrie Fonder, Carter Hodgkin, Citron | Lunardi, Colin Goldberg, David Thomas Henry Wright (with Chris Arnold), Davide Porta, Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki, Diane Marsella, Dominick Rivers, Ellen Jantzen, Ershad Fatahian, Eva Davidova, F. C. Zuke, Farnoush Daroudgar, Frederick Maheux, Ghazaleh Seidabadi, Giovanna Sun, Gregory Little, Heejoo Kim, Isabella Uliasz, IZABELLA RETKOWSKA, Jack Bordnick, Jaka Železnikar, Jason Ramey, Jesse Farber, John C.S. Keston, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph DeLappe, Justin Lincoln, Karl Erickson, Kat Mustatea, Kate Hollenbach, Kayoko Nakamura, Keif Oss, Liz Wierzbicki, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Margaret Dolinsky, Marjan Andaroodi, Merit Thursday, Mez Breeze, Michael Jantzen, Michael Marks, Mina Cheon, Nina Sumarac Jablonsky, Patrick LeMieux, Pavel Checkulaev, PlantBot Genetics Inc (aka Wendy DesChene + Jeff Schmuki), RAY LC, Renata Janiszewska, Robert B. Lisek, Ryan Lewis, S4RA, Scott Kildall, Stephanie Tripp, Sue Beyer, Taehee Kim, Talan Memmott, Tommy Mintz, Vincent DeZutti, Vladimir Kalnitsky, Will Luers, Yamin Xu, Yvette Granata, and Zen Cohen.

Digital and Beyond

Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond
Group exhibition
Southampton Arts Center
New York
April - July 2022

The Southampton Arts Centre presents innovative work in a broad range of styles, reflecting the expressive potential of electronic media. The exhibition includes the works of more than 90 artists working with technology from more than 20 countries around the world including Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine and the United States.

University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming
Wyoming, USA
March 2022

For two weeks in late March 2022 I visited the University of Wyoming in Laramie for a residency. I was invited to visit by Brandon Gellis an Associate Professor who is also an artist interested in new media art. I did some artist talks and was in the class room while I was there. I had a great time and feel very fortunate to be able to participate.

You can view my artist talk on YouTube here

Mothership NYC

March - May 2022

Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Run by a painter captain aided by a rotating crew of fellow artists, our ship’s mission is to serve as a welcoming landing platform for colleagues from elsewhere making the leap to NYC: We aim to support and promote our peers at all career levels through residencies, public programming & collaborative opportunities; build lasting transnational artist networks; and help retain creative forces in New York City.

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