A group show
Louise Blyton, Filomena Coppola, Ilona Nelson, Rox DeLuca, Sue Beyer

Chapman & Bailey
1 - 25 August 2018

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Sue’s visual art practice primarily examines place and space. After spending some time in San Francisco on study exchange during 2007, Sue was introduced to two new ideas – the conceptual artists and their connection to programming, and roller derby.

This experimental work is part of an ongoing investigation into the concept of liminal space. Each piece directly references the movie Xanadu (1980) and are predominately created using a computer program written in a java based language and run through the open source program Processing.

The use of a programming language borrows ideas from the instruction led art of the conceptual artists of the 1960s. The computer program is a written instruction that the computer follows. This instruction provides the computer and the viewer with a means of escape, to aid in the transformation process and pass through the liminal space.

The use of Social media apps like Snapchat reflect the way we use social media to transform our boring everyday lives into something more interesting and exciting to present to the world.

At the present time Sue is a MFA research candidate at the VCA in Melbourne.